Back for a third epic weekend

Team Miniairshow are bringing FPV’ers, AP’ers, pro’s and aeromodellers together to show that Drones Are Good!

What are we promoting?

We’ll be promoting all the ways in which Quadcopters, Multirotors and Fixed Wings have been contributing to Art, Sport, Ecology, Agriculture, Journalism, Archaeology, Construction, Emergency Response, STEM / STEAM Education, ..!


The MiniAirShow would like to thank to Martin the farmer and the land owner who are pivotal to making this show happen. We also extend a massive thanks to the local scouts who will be helping to keep everything managed and organised over the weekend. We would also like to thank Dom Robinson who has shared his knowledge and expertise on getting things organised. May we also give a massive thank you to all of the sponsors who without their input, this event could not exist. Lastly, thanks to all of the participants who are the true stars and make the event such a great environment to be in.

Hidden Valley 3D Model